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Founding Carlsbad, Charles IV, Czech King and Roman Emperor, could not anticipate he was founding a bath resort, which would become world-famous. In the six centuries that followed, the town was both flourishing and declining according to whether Europe was thriving in time of peace, suffering in times of war, or quivering with fear in times of raging pestilence. The face of Carlsbad was also badly hurt by large fires and floods. But every disaster was followed by a period of renewal, during which the town usually grew more beautiful than ever before.

The most famous period of Carlsbad is that of the second half of 19th and of the beginning of 20th century. At this time, the town also has got the best part of its unique architecture, which is admirably harmonised with surrounding scenery. But in addition to the beauty and history of the town, the "world credit" of Carlsbad was formed particularly by its unique natural resources - Carlsbad mineral springs. The renowned Hot Spring (Vdlo) has been celebrated by poets of past ages and for many invalids it has represented their last hope for recovery. The praise of many people who have recovered thanks to the Carlsbad springs carried the fame and good reputation of the town all over the world.

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