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Famous Visitors

Karlovy Vary can be proud of its extremely rich cultural tradition that we see with every step. It's based on centuries of visits to the local hot springs. Each visitor, not only the famous ones, was and is a benefit for Karlovy Vary and a good reference. That is the reason why Karlovy Vary always honoured it's guests and tried to make their spa visit as pleasant as possible.

From the beginning of the 18th century, the visitors to the spa were developing a more international character. The cultural elite also began gathering at the geyser together with the aristocracy. The visits of outstanding personalities are a tradition in Karlovy Vary and distinctively marked and enriched the history of the city. Karlovy Vary was extremely popular among the creative souls from the fields of music, literature and poetry. If we try to assemble a list of famous visitors to Karlovy Vary according to their popularity at the geyser, then in first place would be German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe, second place undoubtedly would go to Russian Czar Peter the Great. Both of these men are written in the cultural history of Karlovy Vary in gold letters. Their visits to the most famous Czech spas are commemorated in tens of commemorative plaques, statues, books, stories and legends.

The following selected list of important visitors to Karlovy Vary is in chronological order according to the dates of their stays. In this list Czech nationality is assigned by the area where they were from without regard to the language which they used to speak and write.

1370, 1374 and 1376 Charles IV, Czech king and Roman-German Kaiser
1500   Bohuslav Hasisejnsky from Lobkovice, Czech humanitarian writer
1630   Albrecht from Waldstein, Military Commander of Czech Origin
1695, 1705, 1712 and 1717   August II, Polish king and Saxon Elector
1708   Friedrich I, Prussian king
1711 and 1712   Peter the Great, Russian Czar
1712   G.W. Leibnitz, German Philosopher
1718 and 1720   J.S. Bach, German musical composer
1721 and 1732   Marie Teresa, Austrian Empress
1732   Eugene Savojsky, Austrian Prince, Turks conqueror
1732   Charles VI, Austrian Emperor
1763   Ch. F. Gellert, German writer
1763   G.E. Laudon, Austrian Field Marshall
1766   Josef II, Austrian Emperor
1768   Orlov - Cesmensky, Russian General
1785   G. Casanova, Italian writer and globetrotter
1785 – 1823   total of 13 visits - J.W. Goethe, German poet
1786   J.G. Herder, German Philosopher
1791   F. Schiller, German poet
1799   F. Gilly, German architect, died in Karlovy Vary
1810   Maria Ludovica, Austrian Empress
1810, 1811 and 1813   T. Korner, German poet
1810   K. Sternberg, Czech scholar
1812   L. van Beethoven, German musical composer
1812   Frantisek I, Austrian Emperor
1812   Marie Louisa, French Empress
1816   G.L. Blucher, Prussian Field Marshall
1817   A.v. Arnim, German writer
1818   A. Catalani, Italian singer
1818   J. Dobrovsky, Czech scholar
1819   K. L. V. Metternich, Austrian Chancellor
1819   J. Kollar, Czech poet
1821   K. N. Batuskov, Russian poet
1822   J. Berzelius, Swedish chemist
1828   N. Paganini, Italian violin virtuoso
1829   A. Mickiewicz, Polish poet
1832 and 1833   R. Chateaubriand, French writer
1835   R. Wagner, German musical composer
1835   F. Chopin, Polish musical composer
1836   J. K. Tyl, Czech writer
1837   J. Jungmann Czech scholar
1844   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - son, Austrian musical composer, died in Karlovy Vary
1845   N. V. Gogol, Russian writer
1849   K. H. Borovsky, Czech reporter and writer
1849   F. Palacky, Czech historian and politician
1852   Otto I, Greek king
1853   F. Lizst, Hungarian musical composer
1853   J. Barrande, French scientist
1862   J. E. Purkyne, Czech scientist
1863   O. v. Bismarck, German Chancellor
1864 and 1904   Franz Josef I, Austrian Emperor
1865   A. Stifter, Austrian writer of Czech origin
1869   William I, Prussian king
1869   J. Arany, Hungarian poet
1871   Don Pedro II, Brazilian Emperor
1872   J. Neruda, Czech writer
1874, 1875 and 1876   K. Marx, German philosopher
1874   I. S. Turgenev, Russian writer
1879, 1881, 1882, 1885, 1894 and 1895   A. Dvorak, Czech musical composer
1881   H. Schliemann, German archaeologist
1887   E. Grieg, Norwegian musical composer
1887, 1911, 1912, 1914 and 1915   S. Freud, Austrian psychologist of Moravian origin
1888   E. Holub, Czech explorer
1891   Albert Sasky, Saxon king
1896   J. Brahms, German musical composer
1898   T. Fontane, German writer
1902   Muzzafer Edin, Persian shah
1904   E. Destinova, Czech opera singer
1907   Eduard VII, English king
1913   L. Janacek, Czech musical composer
1916   F. Kafka, Czech writer
1918   K. Ataturek, Turkish state official
1922   A. Mucha, Czech painter
1923 – 1932   Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, president CSR
1926   R. Strauu, Austrian musical composer
1926   M. Pickford, American actress
1926   D. Fairbanks, American actor
1927   I. P. Pavlov, Russian physiologist
1930   F. Mora, Hungarian writer
1932 – 1935   K. Capek, Czech writer
1933   G. A. von Mannerheim, Finnish general and state official
1936 a 1946   E. E. Kisch, Czech reporter and writer
1936   A. Tolstoj, Russian writer
1938   A. Hitler, German state official
1946   I.S. Konev, Russian marshall
1947   Edvard Benes, President CSR
1947   R. Hayworth, American actress
1955   A. Chacaturjan, Armenian musical composer
1958   A. Zweig, German writer
1958   N. Hikmet, Turkish poet
1959   Haile Sellasie, Ethiopian emperor
1961   D. F. Oistrach, Russian violinist
1963   Ch. Barber, English jazz musician
1963   L. Chiron, French race driver
1964   C. Cardinale, Italian actress
1966   J. A. Gagarin, Russian cosmonaut
1967   L. Breznev, Russian state official
1968   P. Brice, French actor
1968   A. N. Kosygin, Russian state official
1969   B. Polevoj, Russian writer
1970   H. Fonda, American actor
1974   J. Aldridge, English writer
1984   J. P. d. Cuellar, Secretary General United Nations
1985   G. Becaud, French singer
1987   Jan Carlos I, Spanish king
1988   Ch. Sartzetakis, Greek president
1988   B. Bertolucci, Italian film director
1990   Vaclav Havel, President Czech Republic
1992   M. Forman, Czech-American film director
1994   J. d. Luxemburg, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
1994   V. Finnbogadottir, President of Iceland
1994   M. v. Sydow, Swedish actor
1994   Suarez, Portuguese President
1995   G. Lollobrigida, Italian film actress
1995   M. York, American actor
1996   Sayako, Japanese princess
1996   Shankar Dayal Sharma, President of India
1996   G. Peck, American actor
1996   P. Richard, French actor
1996   A. Alda
1996   J. Ormond
1996   W. Goldberg
1997   norwegischer König Harald V. und Königin Sonja
1997   M. Forman
1997   S. Hayek
1997   K. M. Brandauer
1997   Armin
1997   M. Stahl
1997   J. Robards
1998   kirgisischer Präsident AKAJEV
1998   Jean Moreau und Gerard Depardieu - Aufnahme des Filmes Honoré de Balzac in Karlovy Vary
1998   M. Douglas
1998   O. Muti
1998   R. Steger
1998   L. Bacall
1998   S. Zaentz
1999   A. Plunner
1999   W. Harrelson
1999   D. Chaplin
1999   N. Michalkov