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No 5 - Sova's pathway

Forest Altar

One of the most interesting routes is the Sova's path, exquisitely suitable for quiet nature trails. From the restaurant St Linhart one can take a leisurely stroll down to the town without any sharp ups or downs. At the start of the pathway you will come across the ruins of the oldest stone structure in the forests today - a small church dating from 1246 remaining from the time when the village of Obora was sited here. Further on, the thick forest melds with the meadows, ponds and seed plots. By Fibich's summerhouse, built in 1900, one can make a turn onto other trails. Keeping to the Sova's path, you will notice, on the right hand side, an unusual memorial in the form of an open stone book set on a granite pedestal. Such memorials were often set up here in past times by former patients or their relatives. Further on the path turns to the so-called Forest Altar, a favourite haunt of Empress Elizabeth, wife of the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I. Then it passes the late Baroque style Schwartz Chapel. Reaching the Malý Versaille restaurant where an old brick workshop used to stand dating from 1759, the path then comes out into the town on Zámecký Vrch Street.