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No 4 - Labitsky's path and "The afternoon path"

Ecce Homo

On the cusp of the 18th and 19th Centuries the popular places for walking, along with the Vřídlo Geyser area and the Mill Colonnade, included the Tepla River Valley, south of Lázně VI. Here is the Post House, built in 1791, which became famous as a center of spa cultural life. In the mountain spurs that overlook this picturesque setting a pathway was opened up in 1807 and won praise for its shady routes protected by the mountain from the summer heat. It is known today as Labitsky's Pathway. It begins at the Gallery of Arts, gradually rising to the Findlater path and Poet's Rock. The Afternoon Walk pathway starts just off the road leading to the suburb of Březová, leading further into the hills and valleys and finally coming out at the Capek summerhouse. From there one can return to the town by bus along the Březová road or via Friendship Path.