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No 3 - The Fidlanter and Chopin pathways

The small tower of Charles IV

Following these paths one can cover the entire main high points of the hills above the Grand Hotel Pupp. Making your way along under the pleasant forest canopy along the Findlater pathway, you will come across two unique benches; one of which is designed in the Art Nouveau style with the relief of a sleeping wolf bitch. Going further, past the obelisk of Lord Findlater, the path leads to Chopin's cottage, and then on to the Empire style summerhouse of Findlater. The final stage of the route brings you out back into town at the Gallery of Arts. You can turn off the Findlater path onto the Chopin path in order to get back to the Grand Hotel Pupp. The first sight on the way is the memorial plaque of Frederic Chopin. The composer visited the spa in 1835. The path continues to the Parnas Rock, where there remains to this day a stone from 1798 with verses in French by Baron A. De Fay, celebrating the glory of the local nature. The next sight is the Charle's IV Tower, built in 1877 in Neo-Gothic style. Further still, the path leads to a little chapel Ecce Homo, renovated in 1900 and to Aran's bench, named in honour of the famous Hungarian poet, who used to come to Karlovy Vary.