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No 1 - Deer's Leap

DeerŐs Leap

In 1851, on one of the hill peaks bordering Karlovy Vary, Baron Lutzof ordered the erection of a statue of a chamois. He wanted to deride one of the legends of the discovery of Vridlo which had it that the geyser was first brought to general notice thanks to a chamois that leaped from the rocky cliff right into the hot spring. Evidently the Baron was not to know that this spot would become one of the most frequently visited and most loved places of the resort. The shortest route to this peak with the chamois monument runs via a winding path from Pod Jelením Skokem Street. However, the majority of resort-goers choose a more comfortable way, beginning the journey along the cobbled Sovova path from Zámecký Vrch close by the Anglican church of St Lucas, one then turns onto the Jubilejní pathway which leads to the foot of the cliff with the monument. Continuing the ascent up to the chamois monument, you will pass the viewing platform " Peter's Rock", created in memory of Peter I. In 1712 the Russian Tsar won a bet that he could not reach this summit bareback on a horse over rough terrain. On the memorial plaque close to the bust to Peter the Great, set up in 1835, one can read the list of names of all the members of the Tsar's royal family that visited the resort. From Peter's Rock and from the restaurant Deer's Leap a little further along the pathway some spectacular views of the city and its surroundings open up for all to see.