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The Jan Becher Museum

T.G. Masaryka 57
CZ - 360 76
Karlovy Vary
Tel.: (017) 317 01 56
Fax: (017) 322 94 21

Open daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Bus stop Trěnice for all buses
The splendid Museum of Jan Becher, the man who created the world renowned beverage named after him, was opened to the public in March 1999. Here, in a succession of rooms redolent with rare herbs and spices, you can find absolutely everything that is associated with the activities of the Master and his company – bottles with all kinds of shapes and designs, rare gift packaging, ceramic and glass goblets, leaflets, posters, international exhibition awards and more. There is also something unusual – the collection of Becherovka imitations, drinks which look like the original, but which could not in any way match Becherovka’s unique bouquet and taste. In addition, there is a tasting room, where you can sample for yourself the original Becherovka.