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Horse Racing - Carlsbad Racing Ground


At the end of 19th century, the bath town of Carlsbad experienced the greatest bloom in its history. The life and operation of the baths were adapted to the maximal comfort of bath guests, who were arriving virtually from whole world. It was only a matter of time to establish race-ground for horses for the entertainment of bath guests in Carlsbad.
The first impulse was the founding of the Carlsbad Riding Club, which established relations with Prague and Vienna Racing Clubs in 1894. From this moment, the Carlsbad Riding Club commenced numerous activities, which helped to the construction of the race-ground.
Construction of the racing course, gradually implemented according to projects by Vienna architect Alfred Bayer in co-operation with racecourse inspector H. Slavkovský, was ceremonially passed on to the Czech Riding Club with great publicity in the last year of the century, on 30th June 1899.
During the following century, periods of glamour and decline took turns at the race-ground; in 1939, the racecourse was closed and served as a military training ground. Only in 1953, State Race-Ground was established there, which remained in operation until 1989.
The race-course branded into the Carlsbad appearance and it forms an integral part of its history. Important representatives of aristocracy, bourgeoisie, as well as persons of political and cultural life visited its grounds.


In January 1996, a joint stock company named Karlovarské závodiště (Carlsbad Race-Ground) was founded. Its goal is to cultivate the grounds rented for long term, to hold races of the highest prestige there and to organise other sport and social events there. The representatives of Karlovarské závodiště a.s. struggle to make races and racing sports an important social event of more than only regional character. They use the atmosphere of bath resort together with specific settings of the race-ground, which Secession tribune and overall historical atmosphere evoke the years long ago gone. The Film Festival taking place in Carlsbad, which programme firmly incorporates also Carlsbad race-ground, also improves social prestige of the events, which are held there. Regular co-operation with television and other media further confirms this fact.
On the basis of the last year season, it can be stated that events held at the Carlsbad race-ground are considered as very prestigious, are visited by many resident of the region, by bath guests, and also by actors, singers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and managers of important companies, who are invited personally.


Czech Riding Club
Race-ground - Dvory
Kpt. Jaroše 29
Karlovy Vary
Tel.: +420 17 44104

Agent: Š. Diviš
Jezdecký klub Stará Role
Starorolská Street
Karlovy Vary
Tel.: +420 17 42 816
Agent: V. Čmolík


Horse racing
International Horse Racing

Date Show jumping (May); VI Karlovarské military (Sept. Đ Oct.)
Place Karlovy Vary Hippodrome
Organiser Czech Club of Horse Riders
Participants Teams from Finland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, the Czech Republic.