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We provide accommodation in apartments for your holiday trip to Karlovy Vary and to Prague as an alternative way to Karlovy Vary and Prague  pension and hotel accommodation. There are given some reasons on this page, to explain how you can benefit from accommodation in our apartments instead of staying in a hotel or pension in Karlovy Vary. You can combine your stay in Czech republic in to meet Prague and Karlovy Vary.

Central location
The majority of properties are located in prime residential districts and in the center of Karlovy Vary (Prague) only minutes away from Karlovy Vary (Prague) major tourist sights, entertainment and shopping centres.
Full-furnished and equipped apartments
All apartments are completely furnished and equipped to offer maximum comfort for our guests. Each apartment consists of  bed-sit(s), private bathroom  and fully equipped kitchen with all amenities (toaster, microwave oven, cooker, dishwasher, coffee maker etc.). Apartments are equipped with a phone connection and we charge standard SPT Telecom fee per unit – no extra cost. Apartments of higher category level are equipped with a washing machine that can be very useful when traveling with children.
More space
You will enjoy 30-40% more space for living compared to hotel room.
You will save on travel expenses: 30% savings compared to the equivalent hotel rate (you don't pay expensive phone calls and fees for food and beverage delivery, restaurants and reception desk etc. that are typical for hotels). We have daily and weekly rates - negotiated special rates for stays longer than 7 days. You pay for the apartment! And we are exclusive owners of these properties, so there is no any other cost to you for rent.
Flexibility, independence and privacy
In our apartments you will enjoy maximum flexibility and independence and complete privacy. You can use the apartment for leisure, socializing or friends visits. You can invite guests or your relatives to stay with you and you will pay no extra cost. You can come and leave any time you wish. If you travel with your family you will stay together with your children but don't have to share just one room with them!
Unrestricted lengths of stay
There is no restriction on minimum and maximum number of nights; you can book it for one night or even for several months.
Services provided at no extra cost
When you stay in one of our apartments gas, electricity, hot water, towels, blankets and sheets are included in the price. Also some other services are included as for example maid service once a week. 

We have prepared a unique system of individual discounts off the prices of accommodation for the forthcoming low season.



2 furnished apartments (washer, refrigerator, TV, internetsocket, bedlinen and clothes) in 3rd floor without lift, 100m far Angel subway station and 100m far tram station Lidická. price 70 EUR per day.
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Karlovy Vary - live camera

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"This was such a good deal that we hope to stay there again next year. The apartments are clean and beautiful and Jeri was so patient and helpful in telling us where to go and what to see. We were out late evenings and never had any trouble with the neighborhood, the car or our belongings. We highly recommend these accommodations (but not so highly that there are no vacancies when we want to book there again.)"

"We had the pleasure of staying in apartment 6 at Holiday Pension recently and were very, very pleased with the accommodations.  The kitchen has every appliance one could want and there is even a washing machine and dryer provided in the apartment.  In addition, we had a CD player, VCR and satellite TV.  Most importantly, the apartment was spotlessly clean!  Jiri even provided a VCR tape of Karlovy Vary for us to watch. 
The apartment is in an excellent location and is close to everything one would want to do in Karlovy Vary.  Also, you can safely park your car in the back yard and leave it since you can walk to everything from the apartment.
We were so well pleased with Holiday Pension that we highly recommended it on a travel bulletin board.  This is an excellent value for the money.  Thanks, Jiri!"

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World famous for its regenerative waters, Karlovy Vary is the oldest of the Bohemian spas, and probably the second most popular tourist city in the Czech Republic, after Prague. It's also the most beautiful of the 'big three' spas in the republic and, despite the crowds, the most accessible. Though you can't just pop in for a sulphurous bath or gas-inhalation therapy, you can sample the waters till your teeth float. There are 12 hot springs containing 40 chemical elements that are used to medically treat diseases of the digestive tract and metabolic disorders, so whether you have diarrhoea or constipation, this is the place to come. In spite of its purging qualities, Karlovy Vary still manages a definite Victorian air. The elegant colonnades and boulevards complement the many peaceful walks in the surrounding parks, and the picturesque river valley winds between wooded hills. The spa offers all the facilities of a medium-sized town without the bother; after hustling around Prague, this is a nice place to relax amidst charming scenery.

Karlovy Vary was founded around the year 1350 by the Czech king and the Roman Emperor Charles IV. The clients from more than 80 countries of the world visit the town every year. The hot curative springs with the temperature from 42 degree Celsius till 72 degree Celsius are used for the drinking cure, for the baths and the irritations. The spa physicians treat every client individually. The spa guests can combine your stay with the gastronomic experiences, with the music or sport, there is the possibility of the trips to the over 2200 ha of spa woods on foot or by the funicular. There is a beautiful horseracing course since 1899, a golf course with 18 holes, several tennis courts, several billiards, squash and other sport facilities.


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Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha,

Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha, Prague, Prag, Praha,