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Ice Hockey

HC Becherovka

Present - Extra League

History of the club goes back as far as to 1932, when after bitter beginnings, a club named SK Slavia Carlsbad was founded by several endowments. First hockey matches were played on a pond called "Little Versailles". In 1948, an artificial ice surface was constructed in the centre of Carlsbad and the ice hockey standards were rapidly growing under given circumstances. Shortly afterwards, the Carlsbad hockey reached Czechoslovak elite. Hockey-players of our Slavia played in the ultimate competition, the first league, then called "Republic Championship", for four seasons. They were seasons 1951-52, 1952-53, 1953-54, and 1954-55. These were the years of the greatest fame of the players, greatest passion of fans, and greatest pride of all sport-liking inhabitants of the Carlsbad region.
In this time of greatest fame, tens of thousands of visitors filled Carlsbad winter stadium. Sparta Prague, Pilsen, Kladno and other clubs played there and series of attractive international matches took place there.
But the winter stadium in the centre of the town was ageing and was becoming less and less suitable for the hockey requirements. Then town management decided to build new ice surface outside the town centre. At first, a construction of supplementary training surface was commenced, which works from 1975, and a hall for matches was to be built next to it. Unfortunately, the construction did not take place.
Though the existing surface was roofed, it was the only improvement for all the next years. This form of winter stadium serves till present days and since 1990, it is being gradually finished with great financial costs. Disappointment from the new ice surface was reflected also by the level of Carlsbad ice hockey. Switching over to the new winter stadium, Slavia was unable to retain its position even in the second league. There was almost no support from then town authorities. No other result could have been expected: Slavia ended in the regional championship. The only exceptions were seasons 1983-84 and 1984-85, when it made its return to then Second National Hockey League (NHL II).
In 1989-90 season, Slavia advanced and again played in the NHL II. Unfortunately, the success did not come and Slavia had ranked the last position. Thanks to reorganisation, however, it remained in the second league.
Immediately in the next season 1991-92, Slavia trained by Jaroslav Šmejkal unexpectedly, but decisively won the A category of the NHL II with 10-point reserve. In qualification, however, we ranked only after Hradec, and did not get into the first league. In the 1992-93 season, we wanted to repeat success of the previous year. We did not reached our goal and the team made only third position. In that year, Jan Becher - Karlovarská becherovka a.s. became a general sponsor of the club, which was renamed to HC Slavia Becherovka. In the 1993-94 season, the name of the Second National Hockey League changed to the Second League and its former four groups were divide to two categories, each with sixteen clubs. We had made second place in the A category just after advancing Písek, only because of one goal. The 1994-95 season was the long-awaited success. We had won our category and also the competition for getting into the First League.
In our first year in the First League, we have gained the third position and in the competition for Extra League we were beaten by Přerov.


Present - Extra League
In the 1996-97 season, after unsuccessful beginning, when we were on the last but one position, our team coached by Karel Trachta and Milan Kašpárek had eventually won the League, but the competition for the Extra League we had lost for Opava (3:4 for matches). In spring 1997, an opportunity emerged to buy the Extra League rights from Olomouc; we had used it and became the Extra League players in the season 1997-98. As a newcomer, we had the only goal: to keep our position in the League, and despite a hard beginning we had made it. Our team gained 30 points, and made 13th position, which was a secure one.
The club entered the 1998-99 season determined to fight in still waters. That meant not to have to worry with barrage endangerment, and we had succeeded. The beginning of competition was far better than we had expected, the team was overachieving and did not lose ten matches in a row. The excellent first part catapulted us to the first half of the table and our team was one of the candidates for play-off. In addition to this, our goalkeeper Rudolf Pejchar in excellent series made new Extra League record, when he did not concede a goal for 194 minutes. Unfortunately, after the Christmas break, severe lot had come, the team got into kind of crisis, and for ten rounds it did not gained a point on the other hand. In spite of the fact it slid deep below the eighth position, we had finished the season without fear from barrage or play-off.
In the new era, there was another success of the Carlsbad ice hockey along with the first position in the First League in the 96-97 season: between 2nd January 1993 and 17th January 1996, we did not lose in 58 home matches in a row.


Dolní Kamenná - Winter Stadium
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Agents: J. Antoník
Ing. V. Trubač - prezident klubu