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Funicular railway

Funicular railway "Diana"
This funicular railway consisting of two carriages has been in operation since 1912. It will take you to the Diana observation tower and to the restaurant of the same name. From this height, 555.6 m altitude, there is a glorious view over the whole town and its surroundings. Except for January, the Diana funicular railway operates all months in 15-minute intervals. There are two terminals (upper station and lower station) and a middle station, Jeleni skok (Deer's Leap). The line stretches 437 m, and the maximum difference of the stations' level is 166.51m. Fare: up 25 crowns, up and down 40 crowns (children 12 and 18 crowns). Groups of more than 20 passengers are provided with a discount of 20 %.
Funicular railway "Imperial"
The Imperial funicular railway has been in operation since 18th May 1908. It supplements the Bus No. 18 route. Its line is 127 m, and the difference of the station levels is 55.19 m. Working hours from 06.30 to 21.45. One-way ticket is 6 crowns.