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Pařížská 5
CZ - 110 00
Praha 1
Tel.: (02) 232 33 33
Tel.: (02) 248 12 682
Fax: (02) 248 126 83
Asiana Global Travel Service
Atrium Karla IV. 1
CZ - 360 01, Karlovy Vary
Tel.: (017) 3181215
Fax.: (017) 323 70 83


The largest airline in the CIS, Aeroflot-Russian International Airlines, offers a daily Prague-Moscow-Prague service and once a week service on the Moscow-Karlovy Vary-Moscow route. From any city in Russia where there is an Aeroflot representative office, passengers may book tickets for foreign destinations, including transfers through Prague with the guarantee of suitable connections. AeroflotŐs Prague office not only offers direct flights to Moscow, but serves dozens of Russian and CIS city destinations, from Riga to Vladivostok. Aeroflot can also offer good cargo rates to a range of destinations including the CIS, China, Japan and south-east Asia. For extra-heavy cargo loads, Aeroflot is able to offer its Ilyushin-76 which can handle payloads of up to 40 tonnes.