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Ninth Walk

Malé Versailles

Pond by Male Versailles Restaurant - On the right, walk along the edge of the forest, and then turn left to the gently climbing Fibichova pesina (Fibich path) towards the Myslivna Sanatorium. From there, go left up the gently climbing path to Jeleni Skok Restaurant, and through the serpentines arund the Kamzik (stag). Near the edge of the forest, go left onto the Jubilejni stezka (Anniversary path), to the Sovova stezka (Sova path). Then go to the right, down to Zamecky Vrch (Castle Hill).

Male Versailles Restaurant - This is a true replica of the original building from the end of the 18th century. It is one of the oldest Karlovy Vary inns. In 1820, it was visited by the German poet, G.W. Goethe. Today, the Male Versailles Restaurant offers a rich selection of Czech specialities, as well as international cuisine. Every Saturday, there is a country dance held here.

Socha Kamzika (Statue of the Stag) - The original statue was created in 1851 by Berlin sculptor, August Kiss. It was placed on the large rock by Baron Litzov because he wanted to ridicule the legend about the discovery of the Vridlo (Geyser). According to the legend, this location is called "Pod Jeleni Skokem" (Under the deer's leap). In 1984, the statue was destroyed by vandals. A bronze copy was made by the Karlov Vary sculptor, Jan Kotek, in 1986.

Trail #9 - length 2500m; ascent 85m (descent 70m); duration 40 minutes
Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr.:
Person weighing 70 kg - 164 kcal; if 80 kg - 188 kcal.