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Twentieth Walk

Pavilion At The Picture

Pond by Male Versailles Restaurant -Go by Male Versailles Restaurant to Krizikova ulice (street) and continue to climb on Nerudova stezka (path) to Diana. Go on Sovova stezka (path), and veer left on the forest path leadign to the crossroads U Obrazu (At the Picture). From here, turn left and take the gentle descent through the forest to the water treatment plant above Brezova. Then take the steep grade down to Marianskolazenska silnice (street) and cross the street in the direction of Ke Strelnici (the Shooting Gallery). Past the restaurant and guest-house, Stary Mlyn (Old Mill) to the end stop on the bus line Karlovy Vary - Brezova.

Chata U Obrazu (Pavilion At The Picture) - This was built by the city in 1894 and it was given it's name because of the Holy picture which was placed on one of the trees. In the year 1900, an altar was built and you can also see the picture of the Virgin Mary with the Geyser.

Trail #20 - length 5000m; ascent 150m (descent 180m); duration 80 minutes;
Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr:
Person weighing 70kg - 315 kcal; if weighing 80 kg - 359 kcal.