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Fourteenth Walk

Restaurant Linhart

Zamecky Vrch (Castle Hill) - Go up on Sovova stezka (path), around Myslivna Sanatorium towards Diana. Continue on Sovova stezka towards Restaurant Svaty Linhart (St. Linhart). Behind the restaurant, turn right going down towards the crossroads of the forest paths. At the crossroads, turn left towards the railway station in Doubi.

In the immediate vicinty of Restaurant sv. Linhart can be found the remains of the buildings of the original settlement, Obora, which was built on the king's hunting grounds of Loket Castle. At this location in the year 1246, the new church, Sv. Linhart was consecrated. However the newly established small town of Wary, near the Geyser, was attracting the resident of Obora and gradually they moved towards the hot springs. The restaurant sv. Linhart reminds us of the history of this area.

Trail #14 - length 4400m; ascent 85m (descent 100m); duration 70 minutes;
Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr:
Person weighing 70 kg - 254 kcal; if 80 kg - 280 kcal.