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Thirteenth Walk

Look out Tower Diana

Zamecky vrch (Castle Hill) - Take Sovova stezka (Sova path) up towards the upper edge of the meadow above Krizikova ulice (street). Veer left and follow the climbing path around the Lesni poboznosti (Divine Service in the Forest) pavilion and the Pratelstvi (Friendship) Pavilion towards rozhledna (look out tower) Diana (station on the funicular).

Lanovka draha Stara Louka - Vysina pratelstvi (Diana) (Funicular going from Stara Louka [Old Meadow station] to Vysina pratelstvi [Mount Friendship station] (Diana) - It's length is 451.60m - measured on the slope - and it began running on 5.8.1912 during the biggest boom period of the spas. The project was designed by the famous Swiss expert on mountain railways, H.H. Peter from Zurich. Before this funicular was built, the spa visitors travelled in small carriages pulled by donkeys or directly on the donkeys' backs when going up and down the steep slopes surrounding Karlovy Vary.

Rozhledna Diana (Diana Look out Tower) - This tower is 35m high and was finished in 1914. It was originally called "The Friendship Lookout" but as time progressed, the name "Diana" was accepted.

Trail #13 - length 240m; ascent 130m; duration 40 mniutes;
Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr:
Person weighing 70 kg - 193 kcal; if 80 kg - 221 kcal.